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Courtly Magic in the Middle Ages

The possibility of the everyday use of magic by courtiers is emphasized by the employment of magic advisors and, very frequently, astrologists. The medieval court was a place for the elite, and thus the educated sector of society at this time.

Festival of Early Drama takes place in Toronto from June 5th to 7th

Poculi Ludique Societas (PLS) continues its year-long celebration of fifty years of performance research practice at the University of Toronto with the Festival of Early Drama.

Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci to tour British Isles in 2016

Throughout 2016, ten of the finest drawings by Leonardo da Vinci in the Royal Collection will travel to four museums and galleries across the United Kingdom and Ireland in a new exhibition.

Which Game Of Thrones Character Said This?

Game of Thrones is full of witty words and quotable one-liners but can you remember which familiar face uttered them first?

Margery Kempe and the People on the Periphery

There are few medieval texts I find so entertaining as The Book of Margery Kempe, the fifteenth-century story of a seemingly ordinary woman of Bishops Lynn, England, whose life was transformed by visions of Jesus. T

Ten Reasons Why You Should Go to the 2015 International Medieval Congress

Each year the University of Leeds hosts the International Medieval Congress, one of the largest conferences in the world about the Middle Ages. This year the congress is taking place from July 6th to 9th. Here are ten reasons why you should go!

Medium and the Middle Ages

Take a look at 15 articles on the Middle Ages that you can find on

Quiz: Martin Luther And The Protestant Reformation

Ten questions to see your knowledge of this time period where beliefs and faith in the Christian church changed dramatically.

Quiz: Politics and the State in the Renaissance, 1450-1521

This quiz tests your knowledge of the Italian city-states during the Renaissance.

Quiz: The Western Schism

This quiz tests your knowledge on the events leading up to and following the Catholic Schism.

Finding Truth in the Myth of Lady Godiva: Femininity, Sex, and Power in Twelfth Century England

Although it is now widely accepted that Lady Godiva never mounted her horse ‘bareback,’ the infamous Domesday Book documented she was indeed a landowner in Coventry. In isolation, this tale is a pleasurable story of risk-taking.

The Remembrance of the Deceased in the Traditional Polish Culture of the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, Polish Christian holidays remained consistent, except for minor temporary deviations. They included the basic structure of pre-Christian rituals. Yet, traces of the old Slavic ritual calendar can be clearly identified in the Polish and Czech sources from the fourteenth- and fifteenth-centuries.

Papers on Medieval Prosopography: Session #47 at KZOO 2015

Three fantastic papers on Prosopography from #KZOO2015.

Medieval Movie Review: Outcast

The emphasis of ‘Outcast’ was on stunts, not facts, language, costumes, weapons, geography, chronological timelines, or other elements inherent in a historical fiction plot.

Putting together the jigsaw pieces of the Staffordshire Hoard

Archaeologists and conservators working to piece together the thousands of items from the Staffordshire Hoard have announced they have been able to make two items: a pommel and helmet-band.

Rothschild Prayer Book comes to Australia

One of the most remarkable books from the Renaissance period, the Rothschild Prayer Book, can now be seen at the National Library of Australia in Canberra.

Cynethryth, Queen of the Mercians

Cynethryth and Offa were the ultimate power couple in eighth century England.

Why did Attila leave Italy?

Reporting on the paper ‘Attila’s Appetite: The Logistics of Attila the Hun’s Invasion of Italy in 452’, by Jason Linn, given at the International Congress on Medieval Studies

The Frankish War-Machine of Charles Martel

The Franks had a war-machine that was a highly effective and mobile under the leadership of Charles Martel. It fought from the North Sea in the north to the Mediterranean Sea in the south and from Aquitaine in the west to Bavaria in the east.

Medieval Pest Control

Have a pest troubling you? In the Middle Ages, you could try these remedies to get rid of them – poisons, traps, or even writing a letter to them!

The Vikings on the Continent in Myth and History

This article examines the evidence for the Vikings’ supposed cruelty, cunning and remarkable height and investigates how true the stereotypes were.

From the Viking’s grave to the sunken ship: how photogrammetry is changing archaeology

Mapping archaeological digs takes plenty of time and a lot of measuring, photographing, drawing and note taking. Now, most of this work can be done with a technique called photogrammetry.

Ruralia Commoda – 14th century gardening manual on display in London

Written in Latin between 1304 and 1309 by Petrus de Crescentiis, a wealthy lawyer from Bologna in Italy, Ruralia Commoda was the only publication of its kind during Henry VIII’s reign.

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