An Archaeological Overview of Weoley Castle, Birmingham

An Archaeological Overview of Weoley Castle, Birmingham

By S. J. Linnane, Quita Mould and Stephanie Rátkai with Richard K Morris

Barbican Research Associates Interim Report, 2011

Introduction: Weoley Castle is a fortified, medieval manor-house situated four miles to the southwest of Birmingham city centre in the parish of Northfield within the historic county of Worcestershire (National Grid Reference SP 02158275). The surviving ruins consist of a stone curtain wall with square towers and the foundations of internal buildings, all surrounded by a wide moat. No trace of a documented outer bailey survives above ground.

By the beginning of this century the castle was on the Monuments at Risk register. This provided the impetus for an extensive project, the Weoley Castle Development Project, which was jointly funded by Birmingham City Council, The Heritage Lottery Fund and English Heritage. The principal aims of the project included the consolidation of the standing fabric, the development of the castle as a community and educational resource and a re-assessment of the surviving finds and excavation records. This last strand of the project formed the basis of An Archaeological Overview of Weoley Castle, Birmingham, undertaken by Barbican Research Associates, managed by Stephanie Ratkai and monitored by Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery.

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