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Nearly every medieval scholar will be stopping in London at some point of their careers. The British capital is home to numerous universities, museums and archives. It is also home to the London Medieval Society, an organization that provides a forum for medievalists to gather and exchange ideas.

Tom Hodgson-Jones, the Honorary Secretary for the London Medieval Society (LMS) explains that it “serves London medievalists of all kinds — not just those with academic affiliations, but people with other reasons for being interested in the Middle Ages. Even for those with academic affiliations it’s a body that draws people together across institutions, departments, disciplines. For medievalists passing through London or spending time on research visits LMS can be a useful source of information, introductions, etc.”

Since 1945, the LMS has been organizing conferences and forums throughout the city, and is currently hosting three colloquia per year. They use suggestions from members, important anniversaries and look at what are the current issues in medieval studies when determining the topics for their events.

Hodgson-Jones explains the upcoming programme for 2012-13: “The November 17th Colloquium is on the theme of ‘Who read what in the Middle Ages’ where Michael Clanchy, Pamela Robinson, Ryan Perry and other speakers will give papers. The February 23rd 2013 Colloquium is on the topic of ‘Rhetoric’; the Society is delighted that Professor Mary Carruthers, Professor Rita Copeland, Dr. Gwilym Dodd and Dr. Ian Wei will be presenting papers. The third Colloquia on 27th April, 2013 will be ‘Postgraduates Present’ where new researchers will showcase their work.”

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