Battle of the Nations TV series

The Association of Historical Reenactors of the Middle Ages has created a unique film-series  about the movement of historical reenactment of the Middle Ages. The basis of the film is the footage from the World Championship on historical medieval battle called “Battle of the Nations”.

The eight-episode film is made in the format “reality TV”, the plot is built around sports full-contact battles to determine the best national team in the world. The battles themselves were based on one-on-one duels, five vs five combats, and the large 21 vs 21 scrums.

The battles and archery tournament were held in authentic medieval entourage on the background of a historical fortress, the fighters lived in a military camp, a field kitchen was working there. The action was enlivened with folk and ethno-rock bands’ performances, fireworks and fire-shows, workshops on medieval dances and manufacturing of authentic weapons and medieval fairs.

The producers promise the series will give viewers “the craving for victory and the sportsmen’s inspired comments, will familiarize you with the reenactment movement all over the world. You are going to see the drive and expression of real battles as well as the participants’ interviews and rich documentary plots!”

The film will be broadcasted on various TV channels and web-resources throughout Europe and North America. The entire series will also be available on the official website of the project “Battle of the Nations

See also their Facebook page.

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