Why Medieval? with Scott Jenkins

My interest in medieval history first began during a random bout of insomnia. The BBC and Open University used to show documentaries into the wee small hours. Presumably to be recorded and watched by OU students. There was always something of interest to watch, or to help you fall asleep, on a vast array of subjects: Art, Chemistry, Physics and History. Well, early one morning there was a bit about the Hundred Years War. “A war lasted for a hundred years!?” I was astounded, and embarrassed, by my ignorance so I went to Borders, and bought a book…from there, went back to university did my undergraduate, then Masters, and now PhD (not, as you might have expected on anything to do with the Hundred Years War) all thanks to that one documentary on the BBC.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story :)

Scott Jenkins
PhD Research Student
Swansea University
Academic violence in late medieval England and Italy

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