Juan de Soria: the Chancellor as Chronicler

Juan de Soria: the Chancellor as Chronicler

By Peter Linehan

eSpania, Vol.2 (2006)

Abstract: Ever since its first (and exemplary) publication by Georges Cirot almost a century ago the anonymous (so-called) ‘Latin Chronicle of the Kings of Castile’ has suffered from a degree of benign neglect from which only recently has it begun to recover. By means both textual and contextual the present paper seeks to promote rather than to determine discussion of a work in which the author’s relationship with Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada, historiographical as well as official in connexion with the Castilian chancery; looms large. Also considered are the novel characteristics of the ‘Latin Chronicle’; the controverted process of its authorship; and its author’s apparently ambivalent dealings with Fernando III of Castile and León and his mother, Doña Berenguela.

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