Dutch Castle for Sale

Nijswiller Castle in the Netherlands has been put up for sale by its current owners. This medieval castle dates back to at least 1275, and possibly into the 12th century. After years of neglect, the castle has been thoroughly modernized and renovated.

Nijswiller Castle was built by Werner van Bolland, a leading official of John I, Duke of Brabant, who was the ruler of Brabant, Lothier and Limburg during the later 13th century. Their is evidence that the castle was built on top of an earlier fortification. The castle was passed on to several Dutch noble families, and in the 17th and 18th centuries saw large-scale rebuilding. In the 20th century, the castle became the home to a nunnery and parts of it were used as the local school. The castle fell into disrepair until it was bought by the current owners in 2008.

Using the architectural firm, Claus en Kaan Architects Rotterdam, the owners were able to restore the castle and added new features, including a state of the art building control, CO2 neutral floor and wall heating and an array of solar cells.

The current owner of Nijswiller Castle says the renovations done have “has transformed living in a caste from a moist, cold and costly burden to an elevated and ultimate relaxed experience of enlightened happiness. You can invite your friends to stay in the double guest quarters, dining with wine from your wine cellar and burning the wood from your forest in one (or more) of the fifteen fireplaces.”

The castle also comes with a property over 19000 square meters in size, including a small forest of 5000 square meters. The castle and its grounds are both marked as historical properties, which entitles the owners to certain tax breaks and subsidies.

Nijswiller Castle is located in the southeast corner of the Netherlands, almost at the German border. The cities of Maastricht, Aachen, and Liège are very close, while international airports at Frankfurt and Düsseldorf are one hour away. Amsterdam airport is two hours away.

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