Peter of Candia’s Hundred-Year “History” of the Theologian’s Role

Peter of Candia’s Hundred-Year “History” of the Theologian’s Role

F. Brown, Stephen F.

Medieval Philosophy and Theology, vol. 1 (1991)


Pitros Philargis (Petrus Philaretus) was born of Greek parents on the island of Crete (Candia) around 1340. Left an orphan at an early age, he was cared for by Italian Franciscans. After joining the Franciscan order on Crete in 1357, he was sent to Padua for his studies in the Arts. He attended the Franciscan studium generate at Norwich and also that at Oxford, where he received his baccalaureate in theology. From 1378-1380, he lectured ordinarie on the Sentences at Paris, obtaining his doctorate in theology in the fall of 1381. Quite likely he became a lecturer in Lombardy, for we know he was lecturing on theology at the convent of St. Francis in Pavia during the school year of 1384-1385.

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