Meet Helen Cassidy – Castle seller

Ireland is home to dozens of medieval castles which are in private hands, and in recent years many entrepreneurs have been looking to buy these properties so they can restore them and turn them into hotels or historic homes. If they are interested in buying, it is most likely they will want to contact Helen Cassidy

Cassidy, a real-estate agent and auctioneer, operates out of the town of Clonbur in the west of Ireland, and has been selling all kinds of properties. She notes, “I grapple with a wide variety of rather gripping, glamorous properties, from Castles in varying states of repair, to huge Islands accessable only by boat, chopper and waders, to pretty Western Cottages and lakeshore abbodes”.

Once she had seen her first castle however, she was hooked. ” It just snowballed,” says Helen. “Suddenly I was practically tripping over them. I did wonder why someone else had not been there before me. There is something so terribly romantic about that silhouette on the landscape.”

She now represents several castle owners who are trying to sell their properties. As one might expect, the sort of queries she gets are not quite ‘Are they leaving the blinds?’

“Very often I am asked ” Where can I land my Chopper? “; ” Is this thing soundproofed?”; “How many blades are around this here Castle?”

“I deal in dreams,” Helen says. “People do need to feel it can work for them in the West of Ireland, whether in a Castle, or on an Island, or stoking the turf fire in a pretty mountain cottage. Often I am the first person they will encounter in their quest, and I am acutely aware of this.”

Helen finds the West of Ireland “an enchanting place, hugely glamorous…. there is a great buzz and excitement here. The West of Ireland is a well kept secret. Peoples eccentricities are not just tolerated, they are positively encouraged.

“There is a wildness here that is most beguiling. This motivates me hugely. The excitement of never quite knowing what will happen next.”

Helen Cassidy may be contacted at Helen Cassidy Auctioneers on 094 95 46868 or 087 2463748. Or visit her website at

Some of the castles currently for sale include:

Beagh Castle

Caherkinmonwee Castle

Kilkea Castle

Killahara Castle

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