Records, Administration and Aristocratic Society in the Anglo-Norman Realm

Records, Administration and Aristocratic Society in the Anglo-Norman Realm: Papers Commemorating the 800th Anniversary of King John’s Loss of Normandy

Edited by Nicholas Vincent
Boydell, 2009
ISBN: 9781843834854

The major theme of this volume is the records of the Anglo-Norman realm, and how they are used separately and in combination to construct the history of England and Normandy. The essays cover all types of written source material, including private charters and the official records of the chancery and Exchequer, chronicles, and personal sources such as letters, while some 100 previously unpublished documents are included in a series of appendices. There are studies here of particular Anglo-Normans, including a great aristocrat and a seneschal of Normandy; of records relating to Normandy surviving in England; of the Norman and English Exchequers, between them the financial mainstay of the king/dukes; of the controversial origins of the English Chancery records; and of Rosamund Clifford, theKing’s mistress.


Introduction: The Record of 1204 – Nicholas Vincent

‘In Testimonium Factorum Brevium’: The Beginnings of the English Chancery Rolls – David Carpenter

The Earliest Exchequer Estreat and the Forest Eyres of Henry II and Thomas fitz Bernard, 1175–80 – David Crook

Theory and Practice in the Making of Twelfth-Century Pipe Rolls – Mark Hagger

Between Three Realms: The Acts of Waleran II, Count of Meulan and Worcester – David Crouch

Archbishop Geoffrey of York: A Problem in Anglo-French Maternity – Marie Lovatt

Hugh de Gundeville (fl. 1147–81) – Nicholas Vincent

Guérin de Glapion, Seneschal of Normandy (1200–1): Service and Ambition under the Plantagenet and Capetian Kings – Daniel Power

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