The Anglo-Norman Language and its Contexts

The Anglo-Norman Language and its Contexts

Edited by Richard Ingham
Boydell, 2010
ISBN: 9781903153307

The question of the development of Anglo-Norman (the variety of medieval French used in the British Isles), and the role it played in the life of the medieval English kingdom, is currently a major topic of scholarly debate. The essays in this volume examine it from a variety of different perspectives and contexts, though with a concentration on the theme of linguistic contact between Anglo-Normanand English, seeking to situate it more precisely in space and time than has hitherto been the case. Overall they show how Anglo-Norman retained a strong presence in the linguistic life of England until a strikingly late date, and how it constitutes a rich and highly valuable record of the French language in the middle ages.


1 Introduction. Anglo-Norman: New Themes, New Contexts

2 Later Anglo-Norman as a Contact Variety of French

3 The Sources of Standardisation in French – Written or Spoken?

4 ‘Husbonderie’ and ‘Manaungerie’ in Later Medieval England: A Tale of Two Walters

5 Bridging the Gap: The (Socio)Linguistic Evidence of Some Medieval English Bridge Accounts

6 From apareil to warderobe: Some Observations on Anglo-French in The Middle English Lexis of Cloth and Clothing


7 Languages in the Military Profession in Later Medieval England

8 The Language of the English Legal Profession: The Emergence of a Distinctive Legal Lexicon in Insular French

9 Mapping Insular French Texts? Ideas for Localisation and Correlated Dialectology in Manuscript Materials of Medieval England


10 A Pilot Study on the Singular Definite Articles le and la in Fifteenth-Century London Mixed-Language Business Writing

11 Investigating Anglo-Norman Influence on Late Middle English Syntax

12 The Transmission of Later Anglo-Norman: Some Syntactic Evidence