The Confrontation of the Persian Gulf Commercial Emirates in the Thirteenth Century

The Confrontation of the Persian Gulf Commercial Emirates in the Thirteenth Century

By Seyed Hossain Barshan

XIV International Economic History Congress (2006)

Introduction: The sea state of Fars is consisted of the islands that from the area of Indus to Oman and Persian Gulf have been continued. The civil life has not been created in many of the cities. Even drinking water and fertile soil was not available in there. Only in some of the islands the reasonable conditions were available for civil living. And even the economy of most of these islands was related to the business of hunting pearl. From the century 13th the sea international business in the south waters was increased, and the economical condition of islands was being progressed, so that the civil life was grown in there. Even though the trade challenges was being more between the owners of islands and the claimers of power for earning revenue from the sea trade was the cause of damaging of these cities, but anyways these cities did not have the same splendors as the century 13th and 14th. Hamdollah Mostofi expresses the juridical rights that were related to the house government of Kish about 491,000 Dinars. Such a much amount of money indicates the economical splendors of these islands at the period of time for Ilkhanid. Though, the governors of these islands belonged to Fars government. But they got so much power and wealth by the way of trade, and most of them would govern as independent governors and used to govern inheriting.

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