The Traitor’s Tale, by Margaret Frazer


The Traitor’s Tale (Dame Frevisse Series)
By Margaret Frazer
Berkley Prime Crime
ISBN: 0425213706

Dame Frevisse of St. Frideswide’s nunnery is in London to assist her cousin Alice, the widowed Duchess of Suffolk, in burying her husband—but the late Duke was so hated that even being in the presence of his corpse is unsafe. Wandering player Simon Joliffe is also in London, on a mission with vital information for the exiled Duke of York: a list naming the English noblemen who purportedly betrayed their King by conspiring with the French, including some of Suffolk’s men, whom Joliffe has been seeking—and now found dead. Joining the player on his search for the men on the list, Frevisse starts to wonder whether or not the list is real—or part of an even greater conspiracy against the crown. (A Dame Frevisse Medieval Mystery, #16)

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