Pilgrimage and Embodiment: Captives and the Cult of Saintsin Late Medieval Bavaria

Chief among the stories contained in these miracle stories are tales of escapes from captivity. Almost forty percent of the reports in the two Munich Latin miracle collections deal with liberations from imprisonment and escapes from captivity of various sorts.

Does Michelangelo’s poetic veil shroud a secret Luther?

The thesis poses a question derived from an unlikely nexus of two prominent figures of the Renaissance and the Reformation: the artist whose creative abilities ostensibly dominate the Vatican and religious art, juxtaposed with the rebel who splintered the dominance of Roman Catholicism.

Hegel’s Ghost: Europe, the Reformation, and the Middle Ages

An essay of this kind is bound to provoke disagreements.

A Difference in Sixteenth-Century French Violence

This article considers the implications of both Catholic and Calvinist types of violence during the Reformation of mid-sixteenth-century France.

The German Reformation and Medieval Thought and Culture

After Luther’s death in 1546, it was said, the seeds mostly fell dormant in Germany, where leaders failed to rally around the philosophical core of Luther’s message, retreating into political division and older authoritarian patterns of thought.

Medieval English Roodscreens

The research shows that considerable sums were spent during the later middle ages on the construction, decoration, and maintenance of screens in all churches, from cathedrals and monasteries to parish churches.

Bogomilism: An Important Precursor of the Reformation

Our particular task here is to give proof of the presence of Bogomil and Cathar ideas and motivations in the works of the brightest reformation triad: John Wycliffe — Jan Hus — Martin Luther, by means of facts, documented links and associations.

An Introduction to Olympia Morata, a Forgotten, Feminist Voice from Sixteenth Century Italy

An Introduction to Olympia Morata, a Forgotten, Feminist Voice from Sixteenth Century Italy Webb, Val (Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN) Sea Changes, Vol.1 (2001) Abstract I met Olympia Morata in the British Library while searching for women lost from history. My search word ‘heroine’ uncovered an 1864 inspirational collection Heroines of the Household. Olympia was the […]

Music Associated with Santiago and the Pilgrimage

Music Associated with Santiago and the Pilgrimage Pederson,E.O. Perspectives on the Camino: A collection of essays on the Camino (2007) Abstract The Medieval Period The tradition of pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is more than 1,000 years old, and over that time musical styles and tastes, indeed the very language of music itself and the […]

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