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Ethiopian Medieval History: Between Connection and Isolation

It is therefore necessary to look at the history of Ethiopia for from the point of view of the medievalist today in the work on Ethiopia the richest results come from those who open up the approaches based on a global history which considers for example the Christianization and Islamization of Ethiopia in equal parts and who envision this phenomenon not as a competitors, but as co-existing phenomena.

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Ethiopia and Europe in the Middle Ages, with Verena Krebs

Among the most powerful kingdoms in the medieval period was Solomonic Ethiopia, a Christian kingdom that sought out contact with Western Europe in the Late Middle Ages. This week on The Medieval Podcast, Danièle speaks with Verena Krebs about contact between Solomonic Ethiopia and Western Europe, how historians have misconstrued Ethiopian interests in the past, and what we can learn when we dig into primary sources.


The Indigenous Christians of the Arabic Middle East in an Age of Crusaders, Mongols, and Mamlūks (1244-1366)

The chronological period of study is highlighted by the usurpation of the Ayyūbid-ruled Sultanate by the Baḥrī Mamlūks, while the two most important political-military events in the region were the collapse of the Crusader States and the invasion of the Mongols. This thesis will examine how events impacted on the nine Christian Confessions, treating each separately.