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New Medieval Books: Byzantine Military Rhetoric in the Ninth Century

Byzantine Military Rhetoric in the Ninth Century: A Translation of the Anonymi Byzantini Rhetorica Militaris

By Georgios Theotokis and Dimitrios Sidiropoulos

ISBN: 978-1-032-00604-8

Want to know what kind of speeches a military commander gave in the Middle Ages? This book is a ninth-century guide from Byzantium on just how to do that, with examples based on fighting for your faith or country, and how to endure pain.


The purpose of our translation is to make the text of Syrianos magistros accessible to any scholar who does not have the reading skills necessary to go through the original text in the medieval Greek language, so that it can be studied together with other works of the same genre and, hopefully, shed more light on an aspect of war and political propaganda in this critical period for the history of the Byzantine Empire. The means by which the Byzantine military leaders used to exhort their troops before a decisive conflict or the beginning of a campaign included elements that have nothing to envy of ancient Greek rhetoric, and we hope to have rendered them satisfactorily in English.


Who is this book for?

This book combines two different topics – public speaking and warfare – and translates an interesting text on how one could exhort their troops to go to war or do battle. It will appeal in particular to those studying Byzantine military history, but those wanting to know more about medieval warfare in general will find it useful. The lengthy introduction is also beneficial for those wanting to know more about the military and political situation facing Byzantium in the ninth century.

The authors/translators:

Georgios Theotokis is a Faculty member at Ibn Haldun University. Dimitrios Sidiropoulos is currently a PhD Student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


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