New issue of Medieval World focuses on Women in Charge

Issue 3 of Medieval World: Culture & Conflict looks at the roles of women in the Middle Ages!

From artists and fighters to leaders and patrons, women had a great impact on medieval life, culture, and politics, ranging from courtly settings to military orders. Read about queens and diplomats, the women of the Templars, Hospitallers, and Teutonic orders, as well as key figures like Anna Porphyrogenita, Eleonora and Beatrice of Aragon, and Arib.


The theme-related articles in the current issue include:

    • Gabrielle Storey, “Queenship and Power: The Roles of Royal Women in the Global Middle Ages”
    • Peter Konieczny, “The Superstar of Baghdad: A Tale of Singing, Sexuality, and Slavery”
    • Thomas Lockley, “The Killer and the Queen: Two Women Warriors of Medieval Japan”
    • Rory MacLellan, “Women in the Military Orders: Templars, Hospitallers, and Teutonic Knights”
    • Susana Torres Prieto, “Anna Porphyrogenita: A Byzantine Empress at the Rusian Court”
    • Rileigh K. Clarke, “Memorializing Margaret Holland: A Strategic and Visual Display of Identity”
    • Jessica O’Leary, “Eleonora and Beatrice of Aragon: Princesses of Diplomacy in the Late Middle Ages”

In addition, the special features cover topics such as the 14th-century Bristol Rebellion, the 10th-century Battle of Hjörungavágr, the presence of “Green Men” in medieval art, new columns on medieval heraldry and exhibition reviews, and much more.

  • Robin McCallum, “The Bristol Rebellion, 1312-1316: From Dispute to Uprising”
  • Thomas Banbury, “Showing Your Colours: Royal Equestrian Heraldry”
  • Stephen Miller, “Christian Shoots, Pagan Roots: The Green Man in Medieval England”
  • Vladimir Ivanovici, “Medieval Legends and Modern Myths: Manipulating History in Communist Romania”
  • Jeremy Solel, “On a Sea of Blood: The Battle of Hjörungavágr”
  • Manon Henzen, “The Lady of the Manor: In the Service of the Household”
  • Julia Faiers, “All that glisters… Gold: 50 Spectacular Manuscripts from Around the World”

Thomas Banbury’s contribution, “Showing Your Colours: Royal Equestrian Heraldry,” examines the equestrian armorial of the King of England in the Grand Equestrian Armorial of the Golden Fleece, a manuscript begun in the 1430s for Duke Phillip of Burgundy. Julia Faiers offers the first exhibition review of the recent show at the British Library – Gold: 50 Spectacular Manuscripts from Around The World (20 May–2 October 2022).


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