Job advertisement: Postdoc research position for medievalists

The University of Konstanz is looking for a postdoctoral researcher:

Research position on Christian-Muslim communication between the medieval Latin-Christian and Arabic-Islamic sphere

The Postdoc position is to be filled by April 2022 and available for a period of three years. The successful applicant will be part of a binational research team financed by the British-German AHRC-DFG-project “Interreligious Communication in and between the Latin-Christian and the Arabic-Islamic Sphere: Macrotheories and Micro-settings.”

The project will be conducted between the universities of Konstanz (Daniel G. König) and Durham (Theresa Jäckh) from spring 2022 to spring 2025. Its wider aim is to analyse macrohistorical theories on Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations against the backdrop of specific corpora of primary sources that give insight into concrete processes of Jewish-Christian-Muslim communication. The project team in Konstanz consists of PI König and the successful applicant. It will focus on processes of communication as documented in letters and dialogues (Latin, Arabic).


The project team in Durham consists of PI Jäckh and a second post-doc researcher. It focuses on Jewish–Christian/Muslim communication as documented in legal sources (Hebrew, Latin, Arabic). Both teams will exchange their findings regularly in monthly Zoom-sessions. International networking will be possible during one (optional) research visit at the respective partner university and the team’s organization of one international workshop in Durham. After consultations with the PIs, the successful applicant will work on a delimited corpus of primary sources, which will form the basis of his/her contribution to the general project Two to two-and-a half days per week can be used by the successful applicant to pursue his/her own research. Teaching at undergraduate level in the field of medieval history is possible, but not obligatory.

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Top Image: Photo by Universitaetkonstanz / Wikimedia Commons