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Q&A #1: How was the knightly cavalry charge used in battle?

The first Q&A episode of Bow and Blade. Michael and Kelly answer your questions, including what were overlooked events in medieval warfare, how did a cavalry charge actually work, and which medieval rulers would you most (and least) like to live under?

Bow and Blade is hosted by Kelly DeVries and Michael Livingston.

Kelly DeVries is a Professor at Loyola University in Maryland and Honorary Historical Consultant at the Royal Armouries. You can learn more about Kelly on his university webpage.


Michael Livingston teaches at The Citadel and is the author of numerous books on medieval history as well as fiction novels. You can learn more about Michael on his website, or follow him on Twitter @medievalguy

You can learn more about this siege from the book Besieged Rhodes: A New History, by Kelly DeVries and Kay Smith.


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Top Image: UBL Cod. Perizoni F.17  fol.15v