ASIMS announces new undergraduate Diversity Prizes

The American Society For Irish Medieval Studies (ASIMS) has announced its inaugural Undergraduate Prizes for Diversity in Irish Medieval Studies. 

The competition is open to undergraduate students who self-identify as a member of a marginalized community who completed a course paper or project on an area related to Irish Medieval Studies, or undergraduate students who completed a course paper on a topic related to Diversity in Medieval Ireland.


Two prizes of $300 each will be awarded to assist a student to present their work at a conference, either in person or virtually, or to support their continued study in Irish Medieval Studies (e.g. towards a study abroad experience, or the cost of graduate program applications). The cash prize will be paid to the student in advance of the conference/approved use. Their research will be published on the ASIMS website,, where it will be displayed as undergraduate research supported by the ASIMS Diversity Prize, as well as being promoted on social media.

For full details, download this PDF, or please visit the American Society of Irish Medieval Studies website


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