Online workshop: Storyworlds in Collections. Toward a Theory of the Ancient and Byzantine Tale

The University of Cyprus is hosting an online workshop next month. Storyworlds in Collections: Toward a Theory of the Ancient and Byzantine Tale (2nd – 7th c. CE) will run on Zoom on December 4th and 5th.

Papers to be given during this workshop include:

Stavroula Constantinou and Andria Andreou: The Voice of the Tale: Storyteller in Miracle Collections and Collections of Edifying Tales


Marina Detoraki: The Beneficial Tales of Sozomenos’ Ecclesiastical History

Julia Doroszewska: La Vertigine della lista: Comparing the Poetics of Ancient Paradoxographical and Miracle Collection

Christina Hadjiafxenti: Encounters Between Monks and Demons in Edifying Tales (4th-7th c.)

Christian Høgel: Telling a Thauma in Greek Hagiography and Paradoxography

Markéta Kuhlankova: Space in Edifying Stories: The Case of Anastasios Sinaites

Ingela Nilsson: “To Render Unbelievable Tales Believable”: Paradoxographical Features in the Storyworlds of Novels and Miracle Tales

Manolis Patedakis: How to Talk About God: The Use of Sensual Materials in Rendering the Dissimilar Divine


Luigi Silvano: At the Origins of the Byzantine Narratives of the Other World

You can sign up for the workshop by clicking here

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