Medieval Academy conference cancelled because of coronavirus fears

The Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America, one of the most important academic conferences for the medieval studies community, has been cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak.

The conference was due to take place from March 26-28th on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. However, university officials decided to implement a number of measures to limit the risk of exposure to the virus, which included a ban on all campus events for more than 150 attendees for the rest of the month.


This news forced the Medieval Academy of America to cancel their conference – at least as a physical event. In a statement, the organization said:

This is a painful decision: our diverse and richly interdisciplinary program brings together scholars at various stages in their careers. And the program bespeaks the energy and collaboration of many colleagues from institutions throughout northern California. But the health and safety of our participants and of the community at large are paramount.


The academy is hoping to create a virtual conference to allow speakers to give papers and hold discussions. Details are expected to be provided in the next few days.

The two largest conferences for medievalists are the International Congress on Medieval Studies, which takes place at Western Michigan University in May, and the International Medieval Congress, which is hosted by the University of Leeds in July. We have reached out to the organizers to both congresses to learn more about how they are reacting to the coronavirus outbreak.

Click here to read the statement from the Medieval Academy of America

Click here to read the statement from the University of California, Berkeley

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