How to get free issues of Medieval Warfare and Ancient History magazines

You might know already that Peter Konieczny – editor of – also serves as editor of Medieval Warfare magazine, while Sandra Alvarez, who helped co-found, is the editor of Ancient History magazine. Over the years, we’ve sometimes offered special deals on the two magazines, but now we’ve managed to convince our boss to make an even better offer!

The Medievalists Special subscription gets you both bi-monthly magazines for €7.50 per month, worldwide shipping included, or the digital version for only €4.00 per month. Using the coupon code ThanksMedievalists, the first 50 to sign up before December 1st get the first term for free! In other words, you get the first issues of Medieval Warfare and Ancient History free of charge. Of course we hope you’ll keep your subscription going, but if you don’t want it, just cancel within 30 days and your account won’t be charged.

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Please remember to use the coupon code: ThanksMedievalists

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