Five ‘medieval’ video games that are coming out in 2020

The Middle Ages have often been a popular topic in video games, and there are always more on the way. Here are five games – some more historically-based than others – to look forward to in 2020.

Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women

Ultimate Games S.A. and ForestLight Games will release this adventure-survival game on PC. It tells the story set in Eastern Europe, and the main characters are Ragnald and a wolf called Raga. The plot concerns the expedition of a group of Vikings who will fall into a trap set by ruthless warriors from the Kingdom of Women. Ragnald needs to find his family and face a dangerous and unknown reality.


Maciej Szymaś, art director and level designer at ForestLight Games, explains, “The game world we create refers to historical realities. The game has plenty of specific architecture, objects, clothing, nature, etc. The history itself, however, refers to medieval legends.”

“Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women combines adventure, exploring the unknown, a fight for survival and a fascinating history. This adventure will not be easy, but Ragnald will not be alone. He’ll be supported by a wolf, i.e. a Viking’s best friend. In many situations the wolf is necessary and the player will have to also take care of his companion.”


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Yes, Your Grace

Inspired by Slavic folklore, Yes, Your Grace tells the tale of a medieval kingdom, where monsters and arcane practices are just a typical day at the office. You are King of the land, and are tasked with talking your villagers through their various problems, from monsters attacking the village, to a lack of places to relax and enjoy themselves.

Some will bring humour to your throne room, and some will present you with difficult choices. Your family is important too, and throughout your time as King, you will have to support them in their struggles. It will be released on PC and consoles.

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Chivalry 2

Tripwire Interactive and Torn Banner Studios are currently developing this game for PC – it is one of the more highly anticipated video games of 2020. It is a multiplayer first-person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles where players will experience the thrill of combat in massive 64-player battlefields brought to life. Chivalry’s flagship Team Objective game mode brings narrative to multiplayer by having players battle across multiple stages in contextualized objectives, thrusting the player into the action of all their favorite medieval movie scenes.

“With Chivalry 2 we are bringing the grit and emotions of an epic cinematic medieval battlefield to a completely new level,” said Torn Banner Studios’ President Steve Piggott. “We have fixed the issues of the first game by redesigning our combat, animation and movement systems from the ground up and the result is a deeply satisfying and weighty physicality to every interaction. With an expanded combat moveset allowing for far greater player creativity, a re-imagining of our Team Objective game mode at scale and a focus on AAA level polish and visuals, Chivalry 2 is set to become the first true advancement in the genre.”


“The original Chivalry was an incredibly successful phenomenon that established the first-person medieval combat genre,” adds Tripwire CEO John Gibson. “We’re very honored to be able to team up with our good friends at Torn Banner Studios to bring Chivalry 2 to fans. When two of the most successful, customer focused independent studios in the world collaborate, great things are going to happen. Chivalry 2 is coming. The king of medieval combat games is back. Long live the king!”

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Medieval Dynasty

From Toplitz Productions, this game challenges players to found a village in the Middle Ages, then expand it into a thriving city – in a first-person and open-world  3D setting.

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Going Medieval

From Gramophone Games, this game will be released on Steam. Going Medieval is set in a post-apocalyptic 14th century, right after the Black Death ravaged the world. As the game’s producer, Vladimir Živković, says it ‘’We wanted to explore how world views would look after something like that happened. We would explore this through the villager’s various backgrounds and the factions that inhabited 14th century Britain. The player will have the freedom to guide his village in whichever manner they want. They could have a village of cannibalistic zealots or a peaceful agricultural society that is neutral with every faction.”


Players will go about building, guiding, and protecting a new home for a small colony, safe from outlaws, barbarians, and religious fanatics in a classless, borderless, lawless post-calamity age. Create a multi-storey fortress by using materials such as clay, wood, and stone. Make sure villagers are contented, which might prove a challenge since each one of them has needs, feelings, and agendas shaped by the world and its history.

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Top Image: Screenshot from Lost Viking – photo courtesy Ultimate Games