How to donate for the restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral

The fire last week at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris caused significant damage to the medieval landmark, but now efforts are underway to restore the church.

Some experts have estimated that the restoration will cost over a billion euros, but it remains quite difficult to figure out an exact number. André Finot, the spokesperson of Notre-Dame de Paris, explained in an interview “You can say it’s crazy to have a billion euros but we don’t know. Maybe the cost is two or three billion.”


The amount of money donated has already reached over €900 million, with much of the money coming from wealthy French donors. Two families have each pledged €200 million, while several other businesses and organizations have made large-scale donations. For example, the International Olympic Committee said it planned to donate €500,000.

Notre-Dame Cathedral before fire (left) and after fire (right) 2019 . Photos Zuffe y Louis HG / Wikimedia Commons

If you are interested in making a donation for the restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral, there are several officially-sanctioned options:


La Fondation du patrimoine

French Heritage Society

Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris

Centre des Monuments Nationaux

See also a special webpage on the official government of France website: Let’s Rebuild Together

The fundraising efforts, and the large scale donations, have also sparked a backlash, with some criticizing that so much money is going to the restoration of a historic site instead of more important causes. See these news reports for more details:

Top Image: Photo by Louis H. G. / Wikimedia Commons