Last traditional medieval manor on sale for £7 million

The Laxton Estate in Nottinghamshire, England has been put up a sale. It’s more than just 1,845 acre, with 17 farmsteads and a pub – Laxton is the last remaining example of a medieval Open Field System and Court Leet. For £7,000,000 you can become the lord of this manor.

The Laxton Estate is believed that last surviving example in Europe of a typical medieval manor, when the lands were divided into strips and farmed in common among the landowners of the village. The village was mentioned in the Domesday Book as Laxintone, and is home to the remains of a Norman motte and bailey castle and a 12th century church.


In 1981 the property was acquired by the British monarchy to help protect its historical heritage and medieval system, and has been managed by the Crown Estates. A spokesperson for the Crown Estate explained to The Guardian “as a commercial real estate business, we recognise we may not be best placed to manage the estate moving forwards and have therefore reached a decision to sell.” They are now looking for a purchaser of the property. You can find details of the sale through Cartas Jones Real Estate.

The Newark Advertiser reports that three organizations are already exploring options about buying the manor, including Nottingham Trent University. “The university is aware of the proposed sale of the Laxton Estate and is supportive of the commitment of local stakeholders to preserve the last remaining medieval farming system of its kind,” a spokesperson for the university is quoted. “We are in the early stages of discussions with these stakeholders who are keen to find a viable future for the Laxton Estate to ascertain what contribution we might make.”

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Top Image: Laxton Village – photo by James Hill / Wikimedia Commons



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