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Medieval Youtube: Sweet sounds and how to fight like you were in the Middle Ages

Our monthly roundup of videos, including music, fighting and Sweden’s largest medieval festival.

Experience Medieval Art and Architecture in Picturesque Brugge – National Geographic created this beautiful video of Bruges

Emily Hutchison research on medieval Paris – Mount Royal University humanities professor Emily Hutchison talks about her research.


Dan Knox won first prize at Central European University’s Three-Minute Thesis competition for this quick talk on ‘Sixth Century Social Media

How to dig a trench – on-site video from Wessex Archaeology’s Castlegate dig in Sheffield.

Sound Memories: The Musical Past in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe – a collaborative research project involving the University of Cambridge, the University of Heidelberg/University of Zurich, Charles University in Prague, the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and the University of Utrecht.


Viking Age Music – Skjalden examines what kind of musical instruments did the Vikings have

This is Glima!! Viking martial art – filmed earlier this year in Norway

10 Medieval Murder Mysteries – from Eskify

How to Make ‘Medieval’ Longbow Arrows – by Mick Grewcock, who makes English longbows

I.33 – A medieval treatise on the use of the Sword & Buckler – from Schola Gladiatoria, one of the major Youtube channels covering Historical European Martial Arts

Medieval Kildare Rediscovered – the Gaiety School of Acting in collaboration with the The Hive – Kildare Youth Hub presented an Immersive Site Specific Theatre Piece as part of the 2018 Kildare Town Medieval Festival


Drafting and Hand Sewing Medieval Hose – from Bernadette Banner’s Historical Dressmaking channel

Step back in time at Sweden’s largest medieval festival – The Local profiles the medieval festival at Visby in Gotland.

Coda: Elaine Stratton Hild studies Medieval chants for the sick and dying – Elaine Stratton Hild, a musicologist who specializes in Medieval chants for the sick and dying, spent the past year as as a residential fellow at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study creating a book of the chants she’s pieced together through her research.


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