10 New Youtube Videos for Medieval Lovers – Volume 3

Ten videos recently posted on Youtube for the medievalist’s viewing pleasure!

How to use an astrolabe

British Museum Curator William Greenwood talks us through the different parts of an astrolabe and how to use it.

Masaccio, The Virgin and Child

Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker from SmartHistory talk about The Virgin and Child (Pisa polyptych), which was painted in the 15th century by the Florentine artist Masaccio (1401 – 1428).


English Alliterative Verse: Poetic Tradition and Literary History

English Alliterative Verse tells the story of the medieval poetic tradition that includes Beowulf, Piers Plowman, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, stretching from the eighth century, when English poetry first appeared in manuscripts, to the sixteenth century, when alliterative poetry ceased to be composed. Eric Weiskott draws on the study of meter to challenge the traditional division of medieval English literary history into Old English and Middle English periods.

The Medieval Manor

An educational portrayal of the manorial system of feudalism dominant in the early middle ages, with dramatisation and narration. Produced by Encyclopaedia Britannica Films in 1956 and filmed in France.


Interview with Steve and Judith of the Saxonhouse

Steve and Judith Jones tell us about the Saxonhouse project, an authentically recreated Saxon building. Saxonhouse will double as a medieval house for the Luttrell Psalter film. Learn more about the project at


The story is based on Wang Wei’s famous poem: Xiangsi (相思) or Lovesick. Wang Wei (王維; 699–759) was a Tang dynasty Chinese poet, musician, painter, and statesman.

Living with gods: Inner voices

Professor Charles Fernyhough tells us about how examining the life 15th-century mystic, Margery Kempe can inform what we think about our own inner voices today.

A Helmet for a Budget Viking

The popular Youtuber Skallagrim reviews a replica of a medieval helmet: “acceptable for its price … I suppose”.


Early medieval roundhouse reconstruction

Early medieval roundhouse reconstruction at UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture, at the School of Archaeology, University College Dublin. The house is built of oak door frames, hazel wattle and heather thatch and is based on the early medieval settlement enclosure at Deer Park Farms, Co. Antrim, specifically Structure Epsilon dated to c.AD 700. It was built by Brendan O’Neill.

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, by Heather Dale – retold in American Sign Language

From Canadian recording artist and musician Heather Dale: I love this old King Arthur legend — it talks about the Divine in terms of nature (a strong element of the Pagan spirituality), which really resonates with me. Sir Gawain was a hero from the Pagan northern kingdom of Orkney; he was bold and brash, quick to laugh, and always ready to defend his friends. When a Forest Giant insults King Arthur’s court, Gawain pledges to have a duel to the death — to prove that Arthur’s men were not afraid to die defending their king. After a year of preparation, Gawain faces a test (a beautiful lady tries to tempt him to bed) and receives a magic belt because he remains loyal to his wife. The Divine forest giant approves of this!! It’s a great lesson about being honest and true to your loved ones.


We will try to make this a monthly series – click here to watch Volume 1 and Volume 2