Support The Big Dig on Wheels

The School of Irish Archaeology is the choice of activity for the curious child. We take pride in introducing children to Ireland’s rich culture and heritage through interactive ‘Big Digs’, where they get a hands-on experience of a real archaeological site.

Is your child an adventurer? An explorer? Do they spend enough time in the great outdoors? Would you like the School of Irish Archaeology to visit your child’s school with our Big Dig workshop?


Our aim is to bring The Big Dig to every school in Ireland!

Those who give generously will be rewarded with fantastic rewards, including free admission to SIA’s action packed and highly educational camps!

For info on camps & events visit:

Risks and challenges

Currently the Big Dig workshops require on site replication and dismantling of the remains of a Viking house (as found in the archaeological record). This greatly limits the amount of schools and venues to which we can transport this large scale workshop.


This first project will put one of the workshops on wheels – making it highly transportable – eliminating the need for on site building/dismantling, and creating more time for learning and fun!

Your support will bring SIA closer to achieving this goal.

Our partners in education understand the value that the School of Irish Archaeology brings to their pupils, and the positive and long-term impact that this unique educational experience offers. That’s why we say SIA explores the past with our future. . .

So dig deep and help us to educate the next generation.

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