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The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 22)

The Medieval Magazine, Vol.2 Issue 22

This issue looks at where King Harold fell, an Anglo-Saxon cemetery, London in 7 drinks, and much more!

Inside this issue:

The Medieval Somme: The Forgotten Battle

Book Talk: A Conversation with Guy Gavriel Kay

The Daring Escape of Lady Arabella Stuart

Where King Harold Fell

Make Jousting an Olympic Sport?

Scribbles from the Master: A New Study on a da Vinci Notebook

Children will be Children

Caribbean Cave Discoveries Shed Light on 15th Century Relationships

Borrowed Barrow: The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Rothley

Places to See: London in 7 Drinks

NOW! Greatest Hits of the Renaissance

Something Fishy: Medieval Water Regulation and Salmon Supplies


and more.

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