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The Medieval Magazine: Making the Medieval Relevant (Issue 42)

medieval mag 42In this issue we cover a conference held this past weekend at the University of Nottingham on Making the Medieval Relevant, which explores the ways medievalists are connecting with the humanities and sciences. You can also read about art being restored in Bethlehem, the Battle of Morgarten (which took place 700 years ago this week), how to defraud your lord on the medieval manor, and more.

Making the Medieval Relevant

Is medieval history still relevant? Can research into medieval topics help further and compliment research in the sciences and humanities? Medievalists came to Nottingham, England, to show how they are breaking boundaries.


How to defraud your lord on the medieval manor

In the 1260s, Robert Carpenter, a freehold farmer and former bailiff living on the Isle of Wight, wrote up a formulary – a collection of form letters and legal texts that would be useful for local administration. In the middle of these texts, however, he added detailed instructions on six ways you could commit fraud.

The Battle of Morgarten

On November 15, 1315, an Austrian army of at least a few thousand men marched along the shores of Lake Ägeri in central Switzerland. It was here that they were ambushed by over a thousand Swiss farmers.


How to Tell if Your 12th-Century Lover is Just Not That Into You

In the twelfth century, courtly love was all the rage with the French nobility. To participate in this trendiest of trends, though, you actually needed to know the rules.

Restoration reveals beautiful art at the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem

22 Ancient and Byzantine Shipwrecks discovered in the Aegean Sea

and more…

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