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The Medieval Magazine – Issue 29

medievalmag29This week’s issue of The Medieval Magazine includes:

Pennsic: For Two Weeks, a Medieval Kingdom in Pennsylvania

There is a customary greeting when some arrives at the Pennsic War:” Welcome Home”.  For two weeks each summer a campground in western Pennsylvania hosts the world’s largest gathering of medieval enthusiasts – thousands of men and women from around the world who want to experience a little of living in the Middle Ages, complete with huge battles.

How to destroy gods

In the year 1168 a Danish bishop destroyed three pagan gods. The story is told in Gesta Danorum, by Saxo Grammaticus, which has recently been entirely translated into English for the first time.


The Evil Spirit that Terrorized a Medieval Village

Today’s horror movies could make use of this story from the ninth-century, of how an evil spirit terrorized a village, and the attempt to get rid of it, which seems to be one of the earliest recorded exorcisms from the Middle Ages.

What is a Psalter?

Because they didn’t contain the entire Bible, psalters were nice and portable, making good girdle books for the devout – or those concerned with showing off – to carry with them



The British Library wants to know what is written in this 13th century sword.

Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain: Bamburgh Castle

Windswept and interesting, the spectacle of the venerable old man of Northumbria, Bamburgh Castle, cannot help but stoke the imagination.

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