Salisbury Cathedral opens Magna Carta exhibit

Salisbury Cathedral – home to one of the four original copies of Magna Carta – has opened a new exhibition to highlight the 800th anniversary of the charter.

Spirit of Justice, Power of Words is set in the cathedral’s 13th century Chapter House and offers visitors an interactive of the history and influence of the document. Oriel Wilson, one of the exhibition creators from Haley Sharpe Design, explained, “Our creative design work had to incorporate a range of site-specific media solutions. We have worked carefully within the stunning and sensitive interiors of the Cathedral to develop an exhibition that we believe will appeal to a wide visitor profile with tactile hands-on activities to give visitors the feel of medieval life and touchscreen displays that allow people to explore the continued fight for justice and human rights in the 21st century.”

The exhibition was supported through a grant of £415,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), Salisbury Cathedral aims to use the 800th anniversary year to find new ways to engage visitors with the Magna Carta and its themes. The Dean of Salisbury, the Very Reverend June Osborne, commented, “So many of the liberties that we hold dear today – and perhaps sometimes take for granted – can be traced back to Magna Carta. Despite its age the document has clearly gained in relevance for a modern audience, and there is a tangible sense of anticipation as we open this new exhibition and launch the 800th anniversary celebrations in Salisbury. I know that the many visitors who will come to Salisbury Cathedral to experience this exhibition will be excited and engaged by what they find and hope they will go away inspired by Magna Carta’s enduring values of fairness, universal rights and justice.”

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salisbury cathedral - photo by Nathan Rupert / Flickr

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