Ten Papers to Look Forward to at the 2015 International Medieval Congress

The 2015 International Medieval Congress will be held this year at the University of Leeds from July 6th to July 9th. Over 1500 papers will be presented at this year’s congress, which has a theme of ‘Reform and Renewal’.

The keynote lectures – Beyond National Narratives: Culture, States, and Reframing ‘Gregorian’ Reform, by Keith Lilley and Spaces of Reform?: Urban Renewal and the Shaping of Cities in Medieval Europe, by Maureen C. Miller, will be delivered on the opening day’s first session.


The program for this year’s congress is now available and here are ten papers that caught our attention:

Just How Pagan Were the Sámi at the End of the Middle Ages?
Siv Rasmussen, Universitetet i Tromsø
In Session 142: Myths in the Far North, I: Magic and Paganism in Scandinavia


‘Poor Little Rich Kids’: Changes in Conspicuous Burials of Children in 5th-Century Britain
Janet Kay, Boston College
In Session 213: Belief, Burials, and Bulls: Religious and Cultural Identity in Early Medieval Europe

Killed by Evil-Doers and Bitten by Pigs: The Hazardous Experiences of Medieval Childhood as Shown through Coroner’s Rolls
Janine Bryant, University of Birmingham
In Session 508: The Experiences of Growing Up in Medieval Society, I

‘A spectre fell of fiendish might’: The Violent Undead in Scotland from the Late Middle Ages to the 19th Century
Martha McGill, University of Edinburgh
In Session 609: ‘The graves all gaping wide, every one lets forth his sprite […]’: Depictions of the Dead in the Middle Ages and Beyond

How to Be Sad in Byzantium
Aglae Pizzone, Université de Genève
In Session 611: Emotions in Byzantine Culture, II


Experiencing the Black Death in Durham Priory
Benjamin Dodds, Department of History, Durham University
In Session 638: The Rule of Lords in Times of Change, 1300-1500: Papers in Honour of Richard Britnell and John Munro, II

Safe Sanctuary or Safe Harbour?: Templar and Hospitaller Uses and Abuses of Religious Asylum in England
Nicole Hamonic, History Department, University of South Dakota
In Session 735: Military Orders Behaving Badly in Britain

The Signs of Death in the 15th Century
Jyrki Nissi, School of Social Sciences & Humanities, University of Tampere
In Session 1005: New Approaches to Medical History


The Hilarious Bishop of Tours: Are the Jokes in Gregory of Tours’s Writings Intentional?
Vicky Melechson, Open University of Israel
In Session 1135: Rumours, Humour, and Miraculous Histories in Early Medieval Hagiographical Texts

Fountains as Sources of Conflicts in Medieval Towns
Sabine von Heusinger, Universität zu Köln
In Session 1706: Water: The Control of Nature and the Nature of Control

IMC demonstration - photo by Tehmina Goskar / Flickr