Ten Great Anglo-Saxon Girls’ Names

Elisabeth Okasha’s book Women’s Names in Old English details close to 300 female names from Anglo-Saxon England. Most names were chosen from two words, such as bregu (ruler), wif (woman) and cynn (family).

anglo saxon girls names

We’ve come up with our ten favourite girls’ names – if you are considering a different type of baby name, perhaps you will pick one of these!


Blaedswith (Blædswiþ) – from splendour and strong

Cwenhild – from woman and war

Cynewise – from family and wise

Eawynn – from river and joy

Leofgifu – from love and gift

Mildritha (Mildþryþ) – from kind and might

Sigeburg – from victory and dwelling

Sweterun – from sweet and mystery

Tate – means ‘to gladden’. This could also be a shortened form of the name Tatswiþ, which is a combination of glad and strong.

Wynflaed – from joy and beauty

Women’s Names in Old English was published in 2011 by Ashgate. Since no text exists from Anglo-Saxon England to explain why these people choose the names that they did, this study attempts looks at what made a female name in England over a thousand years ago. Click here to read the Introduction.


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