The Reenactors: A Documentary on Medieval reenactors

Medieval reenactors

This Swedish film (with English subtitles) takes a look at medieval reenactors. Reenactors are historians, craftmen and entertainers, but are often judged as geeks in strange outfits. This is the story of Thomas and Maria Neijman who were leading the project The Battle of Visby 2011.

Excerpt: In 1361 the people of Gotland gather outside the city wall of Visby. They are preparing for war. A Danish army, lead by King Valdemar has landed on the island and is marching towards the city with an army of professional soldiers, superior in numbers and weaponry. But the people of Gotland is determined to defend their Island, their families and their freedom.


No…This is not a dramatized documentary on history. We are visiting the medieval fair on Gotland. Here we find people dedicating mostly of their spare time to as accurate as possible recreate medieval life. What makes them want to do that? Is it geeks escaping reality or a proper presentation of researched history? Or maybe a little bit of both?


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