Quiz: Early Medieval Ireland

Earlier this year Ireland in the medieval world, AD 400–1000: Landscape, kingship and religion, by Edel Bhreathnach, was published. This short quiz was inspired by the book – let’s see how much you know about early medieval Ireland.

Ireland in the medieval world

Ireland in the medieval world, AD 400–1000 is aimed at the student and general reader, and offers a study of Ireland’s people, landscape and place in the world from late antiquity to the reign of Brian Bórama. It narrates the story of Ireland’s emergence into history, using anthropological, archaeological, historical and literary evidence. Subjects covered include the king, the kingdom and the royal household; religion and customs; free and unfree classes in society; exiles and foreigners. The rural, urban, ecclesiastical, ceremonial and mythological landscapes of early medieval Ireland anchor the history of early Irish society in the rich tapestry of archaeological sites, monuments and place-names that have survived to the present.

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