Medieval Studies Programs

Medieval Studies in Missouri

MissouriHere are university and college programs about medieval studies located in the state of Missouri:

Drury University

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor

St. Louis University

Minor, Graduate Concentration in Medieval Studies. The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies also promotes various programs and resources related to medieval and early modern research. Saint Louis University is home to more than fifty full-time faculty members in this field.


The university’s Department of History also offers a Graduate Program in Medieval History at the Master’s and Ph.D level. Click here for more details.

During their 2013 conference, the Centre, with the aid of some engineering students, construct and test a trebuchet for the amusement of the conference delegates:


University of Missouri

Medieval and Renaissance Studies undergraduate and graduate minor

Click here to read our profile of Medieval and Renaissance Studies program at the University of Missouri

Washington University in St. Louis

Major and Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies