Results of Richard III search will be announced in the first week of February

The University of Leicester plans to reveal the results of a series of scientific investigations into human remains – which are suspected of being those of King Richard III – in the first week of February.

The university is leading the search for King Richard III, in association with Leicester City Council and the Richard III Society. At a press conference in September, the University announced that it had found human remains with evidence of what was believed to be scoliosis and battle trauma. The University said that these remains would need to be subject to rigorous scientific analysis in order to confirm their identity.


These tests include a DNA analysis that could confirm if the body is that of the former English king, as well as computed-tomography (CT) scan which will allow scientists to build up a 3-D digital image of the individual. Samples of dental calculus will also be analyzed to understand the diet and health of the person, and soil samples taken from the grave will provide some insights into the burial.

The University is expecting results of the series of tests in the next few weeks during which period the results will be analysed. The University aims to announce the conclusions of its investigations at a press conference provisionally scheduled for the first week of February.

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Source: University of Leicester


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