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The War of 1812

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of this conflict, we have created The site examines the news, articles and videos about a war which pitted the United States, Great Britain and the Native peoples over the control of North America.

Some of the posts on site include:

The 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the War of 1812 – Why did the US really go to war against the British? Which American icon came out of the forgotten war?

Pierre Berton and the War of 1812 – Millions of Canadians have learned much of the history of their country through the writings of Pierre Berton.

Away to Freedom: African American Soldiers and the War of 1812 – African Americans have played a significant role in every military conflict in American History. However, pre-Civil War, the roles of African Americans in the military have remained a footnote, if discussed at all

Enemies at Home: Upper Canada and the War of 1812 – Upper Canada was ill-prepared to deal with the legacy of the fighting. The economic depression which gripped the colony for almost a decade was, in part, a result of the damages and dislocation caused by the war.

The War of 1812: Still a Forgotten Conflict? – historiographical essay

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