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The Normans

The Normans were the descendants of a Viking group which settled in the region of Normandy, in northern France, during the late ninth century. After establishing a strong regional power, the Normans under Duke William I conquered England in the 11th century. Meanwhile other Norman adventurers traveled to other parts of medieval Europe, where they served as mercenaries and soldiers. One group of Normans were even able to conquer southern Italy and Sicily and establish their own kingdom there.

Articles about the Normans

Saracen Archers in Southern Italy, by  Giovanni Amatuccio

La première Normandie (Xe–XIe siècles): sur les frontières de la haute Normandie: identité et construction d’une principauté, by Pierre Bauduin


Migrant Society to Island Nation: Sicily, by Charles Dalli

What is Anglo-Norman?, by Ruth J. Dean

Bridging Europe and Africa: Norman Sicily’s Other Kingdom, by Charles Dalli

Pagan Peverel: An Anglo-Norman Crusader, by Susan Edgington

The Descent of Belvoir, by Judith A. Green

The Rouen Riot and Conan’s Leap, by Warren Hollister

Middle English and Anglo-Norman in Contact, by Richard Ingham

The Medieval ‘Marches’ of Normandy and Wales,  by Max Lieberman

In the gardens of Norman Palermo, Sicily (twelfth century A.D.), by Marco Massetti

De Saracenico in Latinum transferri: causes and effects of translation in the fiscal administration of Norman Sicily, by Alex Metcalfe

The Norman succession, 996–1135, by John le  Patourel

Women and the Legitimisation of Succession at the Norman Conquest, by Eleanor Searle

“The kingdom of the English is of God”: the effects of the Norman conquest on the cult of the saints in England, by Katherine Sheffield


Was the ‘anarchy’ of King Stephen’s reign a reaction to Anglo-Norman government?, by Donald Stark

The Anglo-Norman Civil War of 1101 Reconsidered, by Neil Strevitt

The campaigns of the Norman dukes of southern Italy against Byzantium, in the years between 1071 and 1108 AD, by Georgios Theotokis

The perception of difference and the differences of perception: The image of the Norman invaders in southern Italy in contemporary western medieval and Byzantine sources, by Eleni Tounta

The Mercian Connection, Harold Godwineson’s Ambitions, Diplomacy and Channel-crossing, 1056–1066, by AD F. J. Van Kempen


Norman and Anglo-Norman Participation in the Iberian Reconquista c.1018 – c.1248, by Lucas Villegas-Aristizabal

King John and Rouen: Royal itineration, kingship, and the Norman ‘capital’, c. 1199 – c. 1204, by Paul Webster

Rudyard Kipling and the Norman Conquest, by Deanne Williams

News about the Normans

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