45th International Congress of Medieval Studies

The 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies is being held this week at Western Michigan University.

Over six hundred sessions are being held during the four day period, which cover a wide range of topics in medieval history, literature and culture. This congress is considered the largest academic conference for medievalists in the world.


Kalamazoo 2010…Thoughts and Summary – Sandra and Peter were at the conference and here give their views on these four days of academic fun

They were also able to film several interviews during the congress:

Richard Britnell – from Durham University, an important scholar in the area of social and economic history in the Middle Ages


We are now posting our reports of the papers given in a wide variety of sessions.  Now online is:

Königsnähe and Rebellion in the Ninth Century

The Court of Charlemagne: Lay Participants in the Aula Renovata

Dealing with the Past and Planning for the Future: Contested Memories, Conflicted Loyalties, and the Partition and Donation of the Duchy of Pomerania

Employment on a Northern English Farm, 1370-1409

Bloodletting in Monastic Customaries

In the Shadow of Zengi: Diplomatic Relations between Damascus and the Crusader States during the Reign of King Fulk of Jerusalem

Cumque nullus rusticorum fugitivo obediret: Exile, Gift-Giving, and Marriage Policy in Eleventh-Century Poland and Rus’


The Spiritual Authority and Ideological Conservatism of the Bishops of Kraków in Post-Gregorian Little Poland

We will be updating this section for the next couple of weeks, so please check back often.

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