Articles and Theses posted in November 2009

This is a list of the thirty-seven articles we added to in the month of November

Electronic Analysis of Medieval Texts: The Case of Raoul de Soissons

Editing and Concording the “Dictionarius” of Firmin Le Ver (1440)

Towards a Text of the “Medulla Grammatice”: Procedures and Prospects in Editing a 15th-century Glossary


Maimonides and the Convert: A Juridical and Philosophical Embrace of the Outsider

The Celtic Church in Anglo-Saxon Times

Two Early Anglo-Saxon Holy Men: Oswald and Cuthbert

The Battle of Bosworth: Towards a Reassessment

Holy Warriors: The Romanesque Rider and the Fight Against Islam

The Symbolic Significance of Medieval Armenian Canon Tables

Holy Medicine and Diseases of the Soul: Henry of Lancaster and Le Livre de Seyntz Medicines

Marea on Lake Maryut

The Location and Reconstruction of a Byzantine Structure in Marea, Egypt Including a Comparison of Electronic Remote Sensing and Remote Viewing


Unknown revolution: Archaeology and the beginnings of the Polish state

Multi-Use Management of the Medieval Anglo-Norman Forest

Institutionalization and Vita Religiosa. New Approaches towards the History of the Medieval Religious Orders

The role of Frankish and Papal missi in diplomatic exchanges in the eighth century

Byzantines in the Florentine polis: Ideology, Statecraft and Ritual during the Council of Florence

The Byzantines in Medieval Arabic Poetry: Abu Firas’ “Al-Rumiyyat” and the Poetic Responses of al-Qaffal and Ibn Hazm to Nicephore Phocas’ “Al-Qasida al-Arminiyya al-Malʿuna” (The Armenian Cursed Ode)

Fishes and other aquatic species in the Byzantine literature: Classification, terminology and scientific names

Why Europe Responded to the Muslims’ Medical Achievements in the Middle Ages

Chapters on Awakening to the Real : A Song Dynasty Classic of Inner Alchemy Attributed to Zhang Boduan (circa 983-1081)

The Transformation of Middle Eastern Cities in the 12th Century: Financing Urban Renewal

National Sentiment and Religious Vocabulary in Fourteenth-Century England

Syntax and Style in some Medieval French Poems

The autobiography of Abelard and medieval individualism

Christianization of Norway

E. A. Freeman (1823-1892), a Neglected Commentator on Byzantium and Modern Greece

Isola non isolata. Le Stinche in the Middle Ages

Making sense of Ker’s dates: The origins of Beowulf and the Palaeographers

Journey to the Borderland: Two Poetic Passages on Judgement Day in Old English Homilies Revisited

Apud Lotharingos Altus et Doctus’: Leofric of Exeter, 1050-1072

From God’s Peace to the King’s Order: Late Medieval Limitations on Non-Royal Warfare

Nepotism, illegitimacy and papal protection in the construction of a career: Rodrigo Pires de Oliveira, bishop of Lamego (1311-1330†)


Around a theme. The female community of the Order of St. James in Portugal: a journey from the late 15th century to the 16th century

Mehmed II, ‘The Conqueror’, in Byzantine short chronicles and old Serbian annals, inscriptions, and genealogies

The Byzantine historiography on the state of Serbian despots