Medieval Articles and Theses Posted in September 2009

Here is the list of articles and theses posted to in September 2009:




The alleged diocese of Delminium

Syncletica and Macrina: Two Early Lives of Women Saints

The First Venetian Love Letter? The Testament of Zorzi Cernovich

When the Serenissima and the Gran Turco Made Love: The Peace Treaty of 1478

Forests as Exercises in Medieval Power

The Pursuit of Knowledge in Carolingian Europe

The Genesis of the Crusades: The Springs of Western Ideas of Holy War

An Intercultural Dialogue between the Muslim Taifa of Denia and the Christian County of Barcelona in the Eleventh Century

‘Nothing in Our Histories’: A Postcolonial Perspective on Twelfth-Century Christian Hebraism

When Jesus met Mohammed in the Holy Land: Attitudes toward the “Other” in the Crusader Kingdom


An Analysis of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Understanding of Medicine and its Influence on His Work

“The Defense Has Become the Prosecution:” Ezrat HaNashim, a Thirteenth-century Response to Misogyny

Perspectives of Power: Byzantine Imperial Women

The Scourge of God: The (in)Visibility of Mongols in Russian History and Memory

The Christian Companion: A rhetorical trope in the narration of intra-Muslim conflict during the Almohad epoch

Main directions in the development of Medieval Archaeology in Croatia

Archaeological research at the parish church of Mary Magdalene in Čazma

Pluteus from the island of Rab from the later 6th or 7th century

Demography and pathology of the medieval population from Stenjevec

Discriminant function sexing of fragmentary and complete femora from medieval sites in continental Croatia

Discriminant function sexing of fragmentary and complete femora from medieval sites in continental Croatia

Charlemagne’s court library revisited

King John’s expedition to Ireland, 1210: the evidence reconsidered

The epic tradition of Charlemagne in Italy

Sheep Struck by the Shepherd: Secular Clergy on the Battlefield in History and Literature

One-way Streets: Urban Geography and Anti-Semitism in Chaucer’s Prioress’s Tale

The Battle of Malta, 1283: Prelude to a Disaster

Ports of Call: Boccaccio’s Alatiel in the Medieval Mediterranean

Michael of Rhodes: A Fifteenth-Century Mariner and His Book

The Shifting Present and Written Images of the Mongols

Slavic Paganism in Kievan Russia and the Coming of Christianity

Handbooks and local jurisdiction in Ming China. According to the sections on judicial matters in the «Shih cheng lu» by Lü K’un, a handbook for magistrates


Crime, Justice and Society in Medieval and Early Modern Times : Thirty Years of Crime and Criminal Justice History

Immigration and Identity in the Middle Ages : French Immigrants to Constantinople and Greece in the Thirteenth Century

Historical Legends of the Volga-Ural Muslims concerning Alexander the Great, the City of Yelabuga, and Bāchmān Khān

Inventing the Lollard Past : The Afterlife of a Medieval Sermon in Early Modern England


The Study of Mishnaic Hebrew: Some Historical Milestones

The Transition from Coptic to Arabic

The Opposition of the Literati to the Game of Weiqi in Ancient China


The Vulnerable Body of Havelok the Dane

Imperfect Heroes and the Consolations of Boethius: The Double Meaning of Suffering in Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale

Description of the Warrener in the General Prologue and the Warrener’s Prologue and Tale

Resurrection: Representation v. Reality In a Miracle of St John of Beverley

Courtesy Books, Comedy, and the Merchant Masculinity of Oxford Balliol College MS 354

“God our Mother”: The Feminine Cosmology of Julian of Norwich and Hildegard of Bingen

The Acts of Matthew and Andrew in the City of Cannibals

Hypertext: A Sacred (He)Art? Cor ad cor loquitur from Augustine to Shelley Jackson

Rethinking Marie

Web Spotlight: Medieval Portal Sites

Merry Married Brothers: Wedded Friendship, Lovers’ Language and Male Matrimonials in Two Middle English Romances

Fracture and Containment in the Icelandic Skalds’ Sagas

Anger with God and Man: The Social Contexts of Melibee’s Anger

Emaré’s Fabulous Robe: The Ambiguity of Power in a Late Medieval Romance

“The Pale and Perfect Measured Parade” John Steinbeck’s First Draft of The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights


Music and Magic in Le Bel Inconnu and Lybeaus Desconu

“Of this I can make no sense”: Wulf and Eadwacer and the Destabilization of Meaning

Unity, Genre, and Subverting the Absolute Past: The Case of Malory’s “Tournament at Surluse”

Christian Heroism and the West Saxon Achievement: The Old English Poetic Evidence

Thomas of Spalato and the Mongols: A Thirteenth-Century Dalmatian View of Mongol Customs

Foreigners in the Histories of Gregory of Tours

The Two Fifth-Century Wars between Rome and Persia

“Do Prophets Come with a Sword?” Conquest, Empire, and Historical Narrative in the Early Islamic World

Peregrini, Barbari, and Cives Romani: Concepts of Citizenship and the Legal Identity of Barbarians in the Later Roman Empire

The Disenchantment of Magic: Spells, Charms, and Superstition in Early European Witchcraft Literature

Chaucer and the Early Church

“Turn, traitor untrew”: Altering Arthur and Mordred in the Alliterative Morte Arthure

The Importance of Heraldry in the Later Middle Ages

The Medieval Fairs of Champagne: Emporium and Money Market

The King’s Ships and The Keeping of the Seas, 1413-1480