Katherine of Alexandria: Decline of an Empire

According to hagiographers, (C)Katherine was a princess, the daughter of Roman governor named Constus. She was well educated, beautiful and highly intelligent. She converted to Christianity at the age of 13 or 14 and caught the eye of the Roman Emperor, Maxentius (278-318 AD).

Places to See: Notre Dame – Part I

Part I of my initial visit to stunning Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

Unexpected Evidence concerning Gold Mining in Early Byzantium

One of the consequences of the decline of Roman imperial might was the shortage of slaves at state-run mines. Consequently, criminals were often sentenced to damnatio ad metallum. The need for gold especially soared when the gold solidus was introduced at the beginning of the fourth century.

The Lanterns of Chuko Liang

The Lanterns of Chuko Liang By P. H. Hase Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, vol.28 (1988) Introduction: The Mongol armies which invaded Eastern Europe in the thirteenth century used hot air balloons shaped like dragons and held on long lines for signalling purposes. The invention of this method of signalling may […]

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