Jewish and Christian Co-existence in Byzantine Palestine

According to the traditional picture, the Christianization of Palestine since Constantine led to a rapid deterioration of the position of the Jews already during the Byzantine period. However, if one takes into account a wider range of sources, one discovers a quite different picture.

Why There May Have Been Contacts between Slovenes and Jews before 1000 A.D.

The first documented evidence of a Jewish presence in Slovenia dates from the 13th century, when Yiddish- and Italian-speaking Jews migrated south from Austria to Maribor and Celje, and east from Italy into Ljubljana. This is a good three centuries after the first mention of Jews in the Austrian lands.

Ecclesiastics and Ascetics: Finding Spiritual Authority in Fifth and Sixth Century Palestine

In the context of ongoing christological controversy and division within eastern Christianity, the relationship between ecclesiastic and ascetic authority is a fruitful avenue of investigation.

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