Women do not sit as Judges, or do they? The office of Judge in Vincentius Bellovacensis’ Speculum

It was Charles Homer Haskins (1870-1936) who coined the expression “Renaissance of the twelfth century”. Before him this expression referred more specifically to the Italian Renaissance of the fifteenth century as nineteenth century Swiss historian Jakob Burckhardt put it.

Was Theoderic a Great Builder?

Or was he a great recycler?

Death on the Dorset Ridgeway: a Viking Murder Mystery

Angela Boyle recounts the extraordinary archaeological discovery made in the summer of 2009 in Dorset in southwest England.

Excusing the Inexcusable: Abbots Who Diminish the Patrimony, and the Monks Who Love Them Anyway

This paper was part of the fantastic SESSION IV: Abbots between Ideals and Institutions, 10th–12th Centuries. This paper focused on the writing about abbots during the tumultuous period of Stephen’s reign.

Death as a Symbolic Arena: Abbatial Leadership, Episcopal Authority and the “Ostentatious Death” of Richard of Saint Vanne

This is another paper from Haskins in: SESSION IV: Abbots between Ideals and Institutions, 10th–12th Centuries. This paper talks about Abbot Richard of Verdun and the politics, and ritual surrounding his death.

Abbot Majolus of Cluny, Ambassador to the Dead

This paper was part of a intriguing session on monasticism entitled: SESSION IV: Abbots between Ideals and Institutions, 10th–12th Centuries. Here, we meet the unsung hero of Cluny’s early history, Abbot Majolus.

The Medievalverse – Boston 2012 – Day 2

Our second day at Boston focused exclusively on The Haskins Society Conference – we talk about some of our favourite papers of the day.

Christian Living Explained: Alcuin’s De virtutibus et vitiis liber in a Carolingian Instructional Manual

Another paper from the yesterday’s SESSION I: Lived Religion in the Middle Ages. This paper focused on Alcuin of York’s contribution to the standardisation of Carolingian Christian texts for pastoral instruction.

“Kings as Catechumens: Royal Conversion Narratives and Easter in the Historia Ecclesiastica” by Carolyn Twomey (Boston College)

This is the first paper from the Haskins Conference at Boston College – it focused on Bede’s narratives of Royal conversion.

The Medievalverse – Boston 2012 – Day 1

We are in Boston, Massachusetts to cover two history conferences: The Haskins Society Conference and the 38th Byzantine Studies Conference.

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