The smudges, splotches, and stains of medieval manuscripts

Medieval manuscripts are often spectacles to behold, their intricate illustrations dazzling with jewel-toned pigments and gold leaf. But it’s the dark splotch, the fingerprint smudge, the stitched-together tear in the parchment that are the most exciting discoveries for University of Pennsylvania researcher Erin Connelly.

Digitization and putting back together a 1,200 year old manuscript

It was a sensational discovery, when in 2012 fragments of the 1,200-year-old parchment were rediscovered in a box. The original was cut up in the 18th century and used as covers for other books. Six years ago, the fragments were found in the library of Admont Abbey and its value was recognised.

X-Ray Imaging uncovers hidden ancient text in medieval manuscript

This week researchers in California are scanning a medieval manuscript to help uncover a medical text by the ancient physician Galen, which was scrapped off and replaced in the eleventh-century.

The Newberry opens up access to 1.7 million historical images

The Newberry seeks to promote wider public engagement with 1.7 million high-res images now online.

Collection of 3,000 medieval manuscripts now online

After centuries of separation, one of the most valuable collections of manuscripts from the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age – the Bibliotheca Palatina – has been virtually reunited.

Canterbury Roll now available online

In New Zealand, University of Canterbury staff and students are working to translate and digitise a unique medieval manuscript to make it accessible to the world.

Historical Jigsaw Puzzle: Digitally piecing together Medieval manuscript fragments

The leading manuscript libraries of Europe and North America have been participating for the last three years in developing the digital research platform Fragmentarium.

St Augustine’s Abbey recreated digitally

St Augustine’s Abbey – part of Canterbury’s World Heritage site – has been ‘rebuilt’ in virtual reality as part of a ground-breaking collaboration between English Heritage and the University of Kent.

Augsburg Master Builders’ Ledgers now available online

The material offers incomparable insights into the medieval accounting practices in the City of Augsburg in the period 1320 to 1466.

Richard lll Book of Hours now online

Leicester Cathedral has digitised and published the personal prayer book of King Richard III.

The Golden Haggadah now online

The Golden Haggadah, created in Catalonia around the year 1320, is among several hundred items that have recently been digitised by the British Library as part of the Hebrew Manuscripts Digitisation Project. The project has involved the photographing, description and, where necessary, meticulous conservation of 1,300 items ranging from illuminated service books to Torah scrolls, […]

Medieval Monastic Library to be recreated online

Durham University and Durham Cathedral have teamed to digitally recreate a medieval monastic library.

Medieval Treasures from the Digital.Bodleian

Last month, the Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford officially launched their Digital.Bodleian online resource, which allows users to view, download and share over 100,000 images going back to the Middle Ages.

Parker Library on the Web turns 10-years-old, announces improvements to medieval manuscripts database

Parker Library on the Web has become one of the leading digital medieval manuscript sites since 2005, when an early prototype was first demonstrated. Now, ten years after the prototype, and six years after the release of the first production version, work has begun on Parker on the Web 2.0.

How I Built an Information Time Machine

Frederic Kaplan shows off the Venice Time Machine, a project to digitize 80 kilometers of books to create a historical and geographical simulation of Venice across 1000 years

Northumberland Bestiary now online

The Getty Museum has recently digitized and made available the Northumberland Bestiary, a 13th century manuscript containing descriptions and images of animals and beasts.

Medieval English Law manuscript digitised

The Textus Roffensis, a 12th century legal encyclopaedia, is now available online.

Aberdeen Breviary goes online

A copy of the Aberdeen Breviary, one of the first printed books in Scotland, has been purchased by the National Library of Scotland and is now available to read online.

Vatican Library plans to digitize 41 million pages

The Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana has begun the first phase of a massive digitization project and over the next four years will digitize over 3000 manuscripts. The Vatican library hopes to eventually digitize all 82 000 manuscripts in it collection, which covers over 41 million pages.

Limitations and ethical implications of digitizing medieval manuscripts

This article seeks to identify limitations and ethical implications encountered when digitizing medieval manuscripts.

Old Light on New Media: Medieval Practices in a Digital Ages

This essay offers an insight into the way digital editions of medieval texts can be employed to replicate the medieval reading experience.

The St Albans Psalter now online

The St Albans Psalter, one of the most impressive medieval manuscripts created in twelfth-century England, has been digitized and is now available to view for free online.

The Vatican and Oxford University team up to digitize 1.5 million pages of medieval manuscripts

The University of Oxford and the Vatican have jointly created a digital project that will put online over 1.5 million pages of medieval and biblical texts.

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