1390 AD: London in the Late Middle Ages

Last week, we spoke with Dr. Matthew Green about his new History of London course. This week, we take a peek into the first lecture of the series, a ‘teaser’ on Medieval London in 1390.

A History of London: 600 Years in 6 Weeks

On the tail of his successful Unreal City Audio tours, and the release of his critically acclaimed book, London: A Travel Guide Through Time, Dr. Matthew Green has launched his latest venture, the History of London Course.

Fair Trade?: A Look at the Hanseatic League

In the 14th century, an ongoing feud ensued between the Hanseatic League and non-Hanse merchants. Here’s a quick look at the rise and fall of the one of the most powerful organizations of the Late Middle Ages.

Exhibit: Magna Carta Through the Ages at the Society of Antiquaries of London

If you’re passing through London and want something to do that is very quick, free, and historical, check out this great little Magna Carta exhibit at Burlington House hosted by the Society of Antiquaries of London.

History of the Ancient World focuses on some of the civilizations from around the world prior to the year 1000. You can find news, articles, videos and more about the Ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Mayans, Chinese and even prehistoric peoples.

Early Modern England covers the history of England from the late fifteenth century to the end of the Victorian Era.

American Civil War

Our website covers the war that took place between 1861 to 1865 in the United States, when the southern American states tried to secede and form the Confederate States of America

The War of 1812

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of this conflict, we have created

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