Medieval Youtube: From a Stupid Battle to the Size of Denmark

Ten videos recently posted to Youtube that will take you across the medieval world.

The Oldest Surviving Form of Theater in the World

From The Atlantic – The Japanese art of Noh is the oldest surviving theater tradition in practice. Dating back to the 14th century, the classical musical drama is derived from the Sino-Japanese word for “skill” or “talent.” When combined with the theater art of kyogen, Noh is known as nogaku. It was named an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

How influential were medieval women?

From the University of Oxford – It is assumed that medieval women played no part in political and social decision making but is this really the case? Dr Elizabeth Gemmill explains that, despite the barriers placed in front of them, medieval women were a lot more influential than you would think.

How Big Was Denmark in the Viking Age?

From History With Hilbert – The Viking Age was born in Denmark, with many of the raids in England, Northern France and Spain originating in the warbands of Danish petty kings. However when we talk about “Denmark” during this time, it’s worth noting that we don’t mean the same thing as that which we mean today. Instead, Denmark was considerably larger than the boundaries of the modern country, including Schleswig to the south, and a stretch of coastline across the Øresund including the modern Swedish regions of Skåne, Halland and further north the Norwegian regions around the Vik known as Viken.

Explore the Ruins of a Medieval East African Empire

From Atlas Obscura – Getting to the ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani in Tanzania, East Africa is no easy task. But the trek to the island is worth it; Kilwa Kisiwani (“isle of the fish”) was once one of the greatest cities of the Swahili culture. In the 10th century, it made its fortunes by trading the riches of the African interior: gold, ivory, timber, and other valuable treasures. Until the Portuguese showed up in the 16th century, Kilwa Kisiwani was a wealthy and powerful port.

School Visits to Battle Abbey

From English Heritage – Discover everything that the 1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey and Battlefield has to offer on a free self-led educational visit.

Why 2000 People Died Fighting Over a Bucket

From RealLifeLore – on the Battle of Zappolino, fought in 1325.

Medieval Knights Were NOT Noble, But Cold-Hearted Killers

From The Infographics Show – If you think that a knight in a shining armor, was a good guy, think again. The knights during the medieval times were not good guys, but were actually cold heart killers!

Unearthed UK presents a detailed look at Medieval coins

From Unearthed UK LTD – A detailed look at the coinage of the medieval period, and what you can find out in the fields.

Charlemagne’s Letter to Offa – Frankish Primary Source (796)

From Voices of the Past – In 796 the Frankish & Mercian kingdoms were two of the most powerful states in Western Europe. 100 years later they barely clung on to existence against an onslaught of Vikings. This miraculously surviving letter from Charlemagne to Offa of Mercia sheds light on the often neglected time of prosperity just before the coming of the Norsemen.

History of Venice & Genoa

From Suibhne – Venice and Genoa were the two most powerful of the Italian Maritime Republics. But why?

Top Image: Photo by BRICK 101 / Flickr

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